PP Projects Sailing service and composite materials works Our company operate on yacht and regatta world from a long time our experience on sail boat and composite works is our strong
Rigging and sailing service Our strenght collaboration with Harken and Spinlock and with other big sailing brand permit to us to became a strong technical point on Ligurian Sea and to cover at 360 degrees any technical problem on your boat and to improve his performance
Composite materials works Our team work on a big range of composite materials solution, creation of custom parts, reparation and cosntruction
service on board With our network of co worker and our interior team we can provide to help you with any request or problem onboard
Nautix a4 t-speed
Nautix A4T.SpeedTM is high performance hard matrix antifouling with gliding-effect components especially recommended for regatta- and power-boats. This antifouling is selected by the most prestigious racing boats and skippers worldwide and became a reference for all racing boats. The “T.SpeedTM” means super smooth friction free surface and reduces turbulence to increase speed or save fuel. READ MORE


Prop one A foul release coating system for propellers and running gear. Its non-toxic foul release coating means organisms can be easily dislodged once the b in drive. The coating prevents marine growth because it is slick NOT by chemically poisoning the environment.
Wally tender 47 Our strenght collaboration with English company Fendercare permitt to become their official installator on board
Creation of custom parts Our team can create custom parts for any kind of boat our strenght knoledge of composite materials permitt to make all your dreams true...

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